Free Shipping

Free Shipping and Shipping:

Free Shipping!!!


  • Geen Verzendkosten! voor orders boven € 20,00
  • Orders onder € 25,00 Als je order in een brievenbuspakket past € 3,95 (met een maximum van 2kg), anders € 6,95

The Netherlands: 

  • Free Shipping for Orders above € 20.00 (incl. VAT) (within the Netherlands)
  • Orders below € 25.00 we charge a shipping rate of € 3,95 when it will fit in a letterbox with a max of 2 kg :), Otherwise it will be € 6,95

Belgium and Germany:

  • Free Shipping for Orders Above € 40,00.

 Austria, Denmark, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom:

  • Free Shipping for Orders Above € 75,00

All other European countries:

  • Free Shipping for Orders Above € 90,00

For the rest of the World we have:

  • Free Shipping for Orders Above € 250,00

Shipping rates for orders below the threshold of Free Shipping will be visible in the order screen.

Delivery times:

If we receive your order before 12:00 ‘o Clock (Central European Time), we will, off course after we have confirmed your payment, get your order ready for shipping.

Normally we will ship your order within 48 hours. 
Unfortunately products can be out of stock or not yet in stock at the moment you order. You will be notified when this is the case.
If we have to order the product you requested it can take until 7 days before we can ship it to you. USA Orders can be a exception on that

Some products on our website have a estimated time when they will be in stock, you can Pre-Order them so we can ship them out to you when they are in stock, if you order them together with articles which are on stock we will ship your order when your order is complete.

Partial deliveries:

YourHobbyMarket will ship all products in one package. If your order has products which are not in stock (Pre-Order), we will ship your complete order when all items are available.
Off course it can be that you want your in stock articles sooner :), just contact us and we will find a way together to get them to you.

If you have any questions about our shipping please use our contact form here.

 All prices are including Btw/Vat)